Chasing the Devil

04: Investigations

The hours pass, and night surrounds the obelisk and the heroes.  Ever cautious, Cael takes cover, but rest do not.  Guards on their nightly patrol find Propero, Emtree, Grilmand, Rapture, Balusar, and Lepton out past curfew.  Their charms failing, all are sent off to sleep the night in respective houses.  Returning in the morning Cael has nothing to report.  The obelisk was quiet all evening. Grilmand raises his voice.

"Let me talk to my order. They can send reinforcements" 

"I as well.  We will have more here to defend against this evil" Rapture responds.

Both return with a dozen of the finest warriors from their respective orders.  This action has caught the attention of the guard and the forces in the square are soon joined by a squad of the city guard.  With some fast words by Prospero, the captain allows the gathering, though tensions are on the rise.  Lepton, not wanting to waste the night had made some soup.  He industriously gathers more food and begins to set up a feeding area for the watching guard.

With the obelisk silent and currently watched by clerics, paladins, and the city guard, the party goes to investigate the church of Wee Jas and Vecna faction within.  Knocking on the door, an eye slit opens and then closes.  Eventually a female elf appears.  Prospero leads the questioning, and almost manages to talk the party into the building, but in a fit of magic, he releases a spell harmlessly into the air.  This is enough to convince the elf that these adventurers are too dangerous to be let into the temple.  She goes inside and brings out a couple others of the order.  The elf's companions appear to be honest and true, but the elf herself is a different story.  Prospero does not question her directly about Vecna, but it does appear that the elf knows more than she is letting on, to the point that she is directly involved with all the trouble with Shadowfell.  

With minimal additional factual information from that interview, Propero suggests the party also talk to the head of his order, Baldus, to discover more information.  He has little, though his order is preparing a delaying spell to give the town more time before the blight encloses the town.  He does give the party a scroll of Contact Other Plane, and tells them it will give them answers.  The scroll will be best used in the Shadowfell, so the party leaves town to blight surrounding the town.  All party members make it through the barrier.  After some preparation, Propero casts the spell, the scroll dissolves, and he enters a trance with questions on his mind.  Who is responsible for casting the spell?  Where do we have to go to dispell it? What do we have to do to end the blight? Is the obelisk important?

The answers come back.  Mollock.  Go to Hell.  Kill Mollock.  Propero asks a new question.  What is the most important thing we need to help us on this quest? Make a Deal with the Devil.  Propero asks a fifth question, but the party does not ask him to reveal it.  

"Who is Mollock?" Someone asks.

Propero responds. "He was the ruler of the sixth level of Hell until he was slain and deposed many years ago.  Devils have a way of coming back, though, and it appears he is trying to regain a domain."

A flash of light passes through Grilmand's eyes.  "We already know how to get to hell.  The cave of the basilisk."

Eyes widen around the circle as the party realizes the truth in this.  The day is getting on, though, and the party decides to take one more night in town and set off in the morning.  After checking in at the obelisk, the differing groups have managed to keep the peace between themselves for the day, and the crowd of civilians that had started to gather earlier in the day has dispersed after getting bored waiting for the rumors of a tournament came to nothing.  

The day finishes with Grilmand, Prospero, and Rapture asking their respective orders for material assistance for this quest.  Grilmand is given a Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Propero an Iuon Stone of Reserve, and Rapture a set of magical Plate Armour.  

The next morning, the group sets out, passing through the barrier and makes their way to the cave of the Basilisk.  They find two heavily armored devil guards with wings. The one on the right  with red skin, and the other a greyer tone.  Emtree moves to sneak around above the mouth of the cave to surprise the guards while the party waits at the tree line more than 100 feet away.  

Entree manages to make it all the way to the top of the cave before a branch snaps under her feet.  The guards whirl around to see the halfling creeping along the top.  Seeing her discovered. the party rushes forward, Cael sending an arrow to the grey.  Meanwhile Emtree leaps from the rock wall, daggers flashing and buries one in the shoulder of red.  Fighting back he strikes at her, while grey flies to meet the heroes now rushing from the tree line.  Grilmand compels grey for a duel, and the two meet halfway to the forest, with Grey fighting Rapture, Balusar, and Propero all at once.  Emtree gets in another stab with her dagger then backs away from the cave followed closely by Red.  Lepton rushes to her aid striking at the guard.  Using his distraction, Emtree stabs her rapier in between the plates of his armour giving a deep wound.  Red takes to the air away from the monk and rogue heading to the cave before being ensnared by Cael's arrow.  Caught in the net he crashes to the ground, bleeding.  Grey, attacked from all sides shakes off Grilmand's command, and also heads to the cave, but is pulled from the air by Lepton, and quickly knocked out by the rest of the party.  Emtree pursues Red to cave, but finds the fall had already finished what she started.  

Breathless, the party gathers around the unconscious form of the the Grey devil guard.  It appears they came to the right place.



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