Chasing the Devil

05/06: Ways of Wrong and Right

The sessions in bullet points:

  • Guards at the mouth of the cave were Cambiens in service of Mollock
  • The party discovered a portal deeper in the cave that led to another cave of similar structure, but unknown if the cave was in Mollock's level of Hell or somwhere, anywhere else.
  • The party was immediately attacked by more Cambiens and Imps in waves.  Taking heavy damage, the party retreated as a Chain Devil appeared from around a corner.
  • Prospero dashed through the portal back to Shadowfell and continued running to the mouth of the cave, far from the party, but encountered no further resistance.
  • The party returned to town with Balusar carrying the dead Cambien as proof of the encounter.  They went to the temple of Tyr, Grilmand's order to convince them of the encounter.
  • While most of the party ran around town reporting in to various authorities, Prospero returned to the Library of Wee Jas.  After some discussion about a book she had given Propero, the head priestess reccomended that the "deal with the devil" the being from the other plane suggested be done with Mamon, one of Mollock's enemies, and that Prospero contact Mamon's messenger, Adrammalech, to make the deal.  
  • Prospero presented this option to the party, offering to make the deal personally so that the rest of the party wouldn't have to be sullied by contact.  
  • Stepping outside the town walls, Prospero summoned the devil as safely as could be expected, and after a few moments, was brought into the presence of Mamon.  
  • Mamon agrees to the deal with a strangely minimum of requirements (simply that he will help to kill Mollock) and gives Prospero a small box to open a portal to Mollock and promises one more boon when the party gets closer.
  • After lots of discussion in the party, an assault plan is agreed.  The Paladins of Rapture's order with attack the cave in the Shadowfell hopefully distracting the forces of Hell from the real assault the party will be making by using the artifact from Mamon.  They will open the portal near the evil obelisk at the center of town while the Paladins from Grilmand's order will stand guard at the portal to prevent an invasion at the center of town.  
  • The only thing left to do is to convince the two orders that the plan is viable and the best course of action.  After much debate, but less than it took for Grilmand and Rapture, the abbott agrees and also agrees to convince his counterpart in Rapture's order of the plan.
  • The party resupplies, rests and agrees to meet at dawn at the obelisk.  Not everyone gets the message, and there are a few stragglers, but everyone is eventually found and the party is ready by about 9am.
  • Prospero presses a finger to one side of the cube artifact and it expands into a fiery metal ring that opens onto a mountain ledge.  Some members of the party rush through, nearly falling off the edge and barely manage with a little help to not fall to the bottom.  
  • A shape appears flying through the air.  It turns out to be a Succubus, Mamon's second boon to the party.
  • The Succubus points out a narrow path that leads up the mountain telling the party that it leads to Mollock's hideout.  Emtree, likely being the best climber, volunteers to take lead up the path.  With a highly lucky series of events, multiple members of the party manage tie lines of rope between members of the party such that everyone is very secure, and should someone fall, everyone else will not also be pulled over the edge.
  • Not wanting to climb, Propero hitches a ride to a higher ledge on the Succubus to wait for everyone else to ascend.  
  • The first leg of the journey up the mountain is marked by a battle with a small group of imps and an Erinyes.  Emtree slipped out of the rope line as soon as the threat appeared, but the rest of the party (still minus Propero) had to fight tied together.  The Erinyes manages to knock out Lepton, but the efforts of the party both pull him back from death and from the edge of the path and the oblivion below.  
  • With the enemies defeated, the party continues to the next ledge to find an disappointed and embarrassed looking Prospero and a frustrated looking Succubus.  Neither will talk about what happened with they were alone. Together.  With no one watching.
  • After a short rest, the party continued up the mountain, this time with Prospero in the rope line.  The Succubus flying ahead to scout.  
  • After a short while the party sees a cloud of small creatures approaching quickly.  The Succubus flies out to meet them, but two swarms break through to meet the party at the ledge.  The party rushes forward to find a wider portion of the path for less danger of falling, and manages to fight off the pests.  The party is damaged, but not seriously injured.  
  • Finally reaching the top of the mountain, the party unties from each other at the base of a giant black building, and an imposing door.  They have reached the back door of Mollock's keep in exile.



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