Chasing the Devil

07: Breaching the Keep

  • Slipping in the door of Moloch's keep, Emtree and Cael discover a service area.  Imps are hurrying back and forth across the hallway to the right carrying dishes and left over food.  To the right there's a small break room with a few more imps.  
  • Slipping around the corner, Emtree destroys one of the locks, and locks the other door to the break room.  
  • She attempts to slip around the corner to the room on the right, but even an illusory barrel doesn't escape the notice of a passing imp.  The party rushes in, subdues the imp with little trouble and pulls it into what turns out to be a storage room.  A quick friends spell from the Succubus, and the imp tells the party that the army is away and there is a stair at the end of the hall that will take them to the top of the keep, where Molloch will be.
  • Slipping into the next room over, the party discovers a panty of sorts with a wall of devil liquor.
  • Lepton takes several cases of the lethal stuff, while most of the others take a few bottles.  
  • The party decides that the liquor will serve as a fantastic distraction.  They set the liquor on fire, then make for the stairs.
  • With Emtree leading the way, they make their way up the stairs. The distraction seems to be working, and the party meets very few on the way up.  They venture on to a floor when a group of guards starts rushing down the stairs, and meet a devil coming out of a side room.  Recalling the earlier episode with the Ettins, Emtree throws an image of Ettin porn in it's face while pushing the party back toward the stairs.  Prospero creates additional confusion by creating the sound of footsteps going the opposite way down the hall.
  • The party's luck hold for another set of floors, until the party meets a more devils about half way up the keep.  Turns out the party ran into a bone devil and some hench-devils.
  • Our heroes would have been able to defeat the one bone devil, but more kept showing up, forcing the party to run.  At the last minute the Succubus decides to stay behind, tossing a small red stone to Prospero.  
  • Free of the battle Cael takes the stone from Prospero aiming to get some answers.  Prospero doesn't take that too kindly and prepares to attack Cael to get the stone back.  
  • Not a moment passes, and Cael discovers the stone has disappeared.  Emtree took it from him, and returned the stone to Prospero.



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