Chasing the Devil

09: Topple and Pursuit

  • The guards departed, our party must decide how to proceed.  They decide to go up to rooftop to better evaluate how best to assault the throne room.
  • Turns out, the best way to assault the throne room is to attack the throne room itself.  Prospero will attack the buttresses, and some of the devil liquor they found in the basement will be used to make an explosive to rip the tower from the keep.  In the midst of making this plan, a horde of imps flying to the keep from one direction and three paladin knights on pegasus.  Thankfully the knights were closer than the imps.
  • With the assistance of the knights, who turn out to be clerics and paladins of Tir who decided a battle at the gates of Hell were not exciting enough, the plan is set in motion.  One of the knights assists with the bottom buttress, Emtree ropes down to set the bottles of liquor in the side of the tower, Prospero casts a few spells and Grilmund hammers at the top.  The tower creaks and groans but shifts only a little.
  • The group of flying devils arrive and a battle starts to rage.  A fierce battle rages, the fighting interupted by continued creaks and sharp cracks from the structurally unsafe tower.  The tower shifts a little.  Then it shifts a little more.  It tilts to one side, and like an immense tree, there is a sharp crumbling sound and the tower rotates and tears it self from the keep, ripping a great hole in the stone floor of the roof.
  • Up from the hole comes the sounds of argument.  There are more devils arguing about the fate of the party.  They start to climb, and a dozen or so devils climb through the new skylight, and once again battle rages on the rooftop, devils on one side, the party and the paladin knights on the other.  
  • Surviving the second assault, the party captures one minor devil who says Moloch and his entourage have escaped down the stair case on the other side of the torus-shaped room from where the throne room once stood.
  • The party forgot to lock the door to the throne room, and the entire entourage escaped the fall off the keep.
  • The devil is dispatched and the party gives chase followed by devils that stayed behind from the second assault, and from the lower floors.  The party manages to stay ahead of the pursuers, but then the ice devil they glimpsed in the throne room comes around the corner.  
  • One of Moloch's generals, the ice devil throws up a wall of ice preventing further descent down the stairs.  In a short but brutal fight, the party defeats the general and his minions, but Grilmund and others take significant damage.  
  • Breaking the ice wall, the party continues forward finding a place where the stairs have been broken opening up a hole into the next set of stairs below.  Cael and Emtree climb down, and Emtree slides ahead.  She spies a large group of devils including Moloch waiting for the party.  This is the remains of the group from the throne room, including the Succubus in chains off to the side.
  • When the rest of the party working their way down to the lower set of the stairs, Emtree reports back about what is waiting for them.  Emtree shares a potion of healing with Grilmund, and between the paladin knights and other resources, the party heals to a point ready to engage the enemy.
  • With few other options, the party struts around the corner to meet the mini army assembled in the hallway.  Citing the damage already done and how dangerous the party has proven to be, Cael, Rapture and others attempt to talk Moloch into releasing the town, but Moloch is having none of it.  The party doesn't have anything to offer that Moloch is interested in.
  • Prospero has an idea.  He messages Emtree, explaining that the stone she touched at the top of the keep captured her soul.  If Emtree offers her soul to Moloch, that might be enough to make a deal.
  • Emtree pushes forward through the group to talk to Moloch.  "I just want to get home.  I'm willing to offer you the soul in my body if you release the spell surrounding the town, and pull your armies back from the gate." 
  • Moloch accepts.  He orders two imps to place Emtree in chains, expecting nothing but acquienence.  Emtree declines.  The offer was for the soul in her body, but there was no soul in there.
  • Realizing his mistake, Moloch stamps at the floor in frustration, cursing all the way.  Calming slightly, he thinks over the terms of the deal, then orders his minions to slaughter the party.



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