Chasing the Devil

10: Battle and Loss

  • The adventurers were tight in a hallway surrounded by devils in every direction.  
  • More and more imps kept coming while the party made short work of each wave. The waves kept coming, but weaker each time. First it was 5 from the right and left flanks of the party, then 4, 3, and finally 2.  Then none came at all.  Not much support came from the greater devils and Moloch himself thanks to the sleet storm spell by Prospero.
  • The imps dispatched, the greater devils were more of a threat.  Members of the party would occasionally fall, only to be revived by other members, eventually going through all the potions available.  The most dangerous of the minions was the doppelganger turning into a young dragon.  
  • After a great battle, finally there was only Moloch left. He cast several spells including a blur effect and speed. A greater battle ensued.  In the end Moloch was dispatched down to a lower level of hell, but not before the party was drained of resources, and a couple lay bleeding on the floor, and Grilmund beaten beyond the ability of any present to bring back. The rest of the fallen heroes were stablized by the standing members of the party.
  • The hall appeared deserted after the battle, but the party decided to find a safer location to wait for the portal to reopen.  They headed up the tower and found a small room with show pieces of armour and weapons, to which they helped themselves.  A section of the party, well, all but Cael, left the safety of the room to find some loot.  
  • They find a library. There are a few things free for the taking, but it looks like the good stuff is on locked shelves.  Emtree unlocks the first but missed the dart trap.  Thanks to a quick move, she dodged out of the way and avoided any repucussions.  Emtree unlocked the next shelf, but disarmed the trap this time. She pulled a few valuable books on the history of magic into the bag, while Prospero prevented her from taking any books on the theory of magic.  There was also an unmarked book.  Rapture was finally able to read the text, and took a wholloping to her brain. It's a book of golems, and Rapture wasn't powerful enough to work with it. 
  • Returning to the small sanctuary, they rest and wait for the portal.
  • The last few minutes, the party is discovered. A few members pass some shocks through the door, and so the devils on the other side start to break through.  The portal opened just in time, and the party escaped out of the fortress.



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