Chasing the Devil

Foiled Kidnapping and Murder

  • New year celebration, a man attempts to kidnap Emtree, drops her after a suggestion spell.  The party looses track of him.
  • bit later, two more men try to kidnap her, this time, the party assaults them, causing one to run, and the other is captured after a brief fight.  Interrogation reveals he trying to collect on a bounty of 5000gp if Emtree is brought to a tavern on the town square at midnight.  He also reveals information about his compatriot, Kenny, and where he likes to hang out.  The captured dude is turned over to authorities.  
  • During the fight, Cael just about kills a random woman in the crowd.  She is saved by Rapture.  While the rest of the party goes off in search of Kenny, Cael peals off to assassinate the sergeant of the town guard who mocked him during a town battle early in the fight against Mollock.  Cael one shots him through the chest with Large Marge, then dissolves his body using alchemy.
  • Prospero talks his way into finding where Kenny went, and Emtree finds someone with the Thieves Guild who can point out Kenny.  
  • The party tracks him to a whore-house, and decides to wait him out.  Balusar on threat of being kicked out, takes the opportunity to spend the night with a lizard lady.  Prospero and Emtree wait in the front, while Rapture waits out back.  
  • A man and lady that could be the quarry exit the whorehouse, but lose Rapture in the alleyways.  Meanwhile, Emtree reveals to Prospero the details of the ransom.  
  • After a divine communication with her god, Rapture finds out that Kenny is trying to leave by boat, when the party catches up with him.  
  • Prospero accidently blasts Kenny into the water, then ties him up with the rope of entanglement, forcing Rapture to dive in after him, and after using Freedom of Movement, pulls Kenny to shore.  
  • Little further information is revealed by Kenny, and he is also released to the authorities.  The party decides to meet the next day to case the Whomping Willow Inn, and try and find out more about the ransom.
  • The next day, all gather.  And after Emtree checks out the building, Prospero goes in, makes a scene making 3/4ths of the patrons leave the bar, with one table purposefully avoiding his gaze.
  • The rest of the party gathered, all go in to talk to the folks at the table except for Propero.  Cael does the talking, backed up by the muscle of Rapture and Propero.  Emtree follows invisibly.
  • The men deny knowing anything about the ransom. None of them have the ransom card in a visible place, but she does see one of the men has some scales on his arm.  
  • Outside, two orcs sneak up on Prospero, bag his head and attempt to carry him off. Releasing a Thunderwave, he knocks one back and draws the attention of those in the bar.  The rest of the party rush to Prospero's aid, and between the magical rope, Rapture's Hold Person, and Cael's Ensnaring Strike, both Orcs are bound quickly.  
  • Cael talks a bit to the first, but doesn't get much out of him.  Cael ends up putting an arrow through his brain before anyone in the party can stop him.
  • In searching the second, Emtree discovers the orc has a cat tail.  When she goes to search the first orc, he has been given sharp bone shards coming out of his forearm.
  • Further questioning of the second. reveals that the orc got his tail from a wizard named Tesla, or Thesla, something like that, and this wizard is the one who has put the bounty out for Emtree. This wizard is also the sort of fellow that finds you, if one is to ask around.  
  • The orc runs out of information, and Cael again puts an arrow through his brain.
  • Attracted by the noise, the city guard finally makes it to the scene, and in trying to deal with the fallout, take the party back to headquarters to try and verify the story Emtree and Prospero have been telling, as there has been a lot of fallout in the past day and a half. 



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