Kyrinovs Mace

Redemptor Kyrinov's Mace

sentient mace of disruptionLooks kinda shouty.

(that guy >>>)

stats as flanged mace – martial melee weapon, 1d8 bludgeoning, versatile 1d10

LG, "Aligned" property – actively seeks to defend life, do good works, and act against evil forces, violently if necessary – if the user acts otherwise, the item will deny access to abilities, or even attempt to overpower the user's will and force them into appropriate actions

Int 10 – Wis 14 – Cha 14

communicates through emotional transference

has hearing and normal vision to 60'

"take control" Cha save DC 14 or charmed 1d12 hours

While attuned to Kyrinov's Mace:

  • (+) you have resistance to fire
  • (+) you cannot be charmed or frightened by fiends, undead, necromancy spells, or any effect with the "necrotic" keyword
  • (-) nonmagical flames within 30' of you are extinguished or reduced
  • (- – -) when a mortal humanoid dies within 100' of you, or at ANY range if they die as a direct result of your actions, you take unresistable psychic damage – 1d6 if the deceased was evil, 2d6 if nongood and nonevil, or 4d6 if good


While attuned and wielding Kyrinov's Mace:

  • (+) you have protection from evil
  • (+) the mace emits 20' bright white light and a further 20' dim light
  • (+) when you strike a fiend (devil or demon) or undead with the mace, +2d6 radiant damage; if after taking this damage the target has <= 25 HP, they must make a DC 14 Wis save or be destroyed by holy fire; on a successful save, they are still frightened of you until the end of your next turn
  • (-) fiends and undead with 100' of you know your position and alignment, and become hostile to you; they must make a DC 14 Wis save to resist the compulsion to attack you

Kyrinovs Mace

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