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  Cair Marin, walled human city (map incoming once I get back to my desktop)

    Population:  ~5000  (roughly:  human 80%, halfling 8%, elf or half-elf 5%, dwarf 3%, gnome 2%, all others 2%)

    Economy:  import/export #1, trades and services #2, logging/woodwork #3

    Environment:  heavily wooded low hills, gradually becoming steep hills / minor mountains to the north.  Inland sea to the (east? have to check map).  On major trade route so roads in most directions, from cobbled and maintained king's roads to packed and rutted cart paths.

    Government:  Fully subject to a human king as a sort of democratic monarchy, though with the emphasis still on "monarchy."  City government largely democratic and mostly selected through random lot every 5 years from a (fairly restrictive) pool of eligible & willing citizens.  Highest authority is a group of nine Archons – three with "first among equals" responsibility for civic, religious, and military governance respectively (eponymous archon, archon basileus, polemarch) and the other six as further members of a voting committee.

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